Month of New Music pt. 2 Thursday December 17, 2009

So earlier in the month, I mentioned I was planning to take part in Month of New Music and while I’ve tried desperately to keep on track, I’m falling behind a bit on the weekends. But since we’ve passed the half way mark, I thought I’d update people on the records I’ve listened to over past 19 days.

Dec 1st – Blood Bank – Bon Iver – Thumbs Up. A great, great snowy time EP.
Dec 2nd – The Day Trotter Sessions – Bon Iver – Thumbs Meh. A decent little EP, it was nice to finally hear an original version of Lump Sum. Overall not as good as The Bloodbank EP.
Dec 3rd – First Aid Kit – Drunken Trees – Thumbs Down. Is the Sket Ulrich to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twin’s Johnny Depp.
Dec 4th – Dizzie Rascal – Tongue N’ Cheek – Thumbs Down. He was far, far, far better with Basement Jaxx.
Dec 5th – Explosions In The Sky – Thumbs Way Up. The Earth is Not A Cold Dead Place – Phenomenal, phenomenal instrumental prog rock.
Dec 8th – Jay-Z – The Blueprint III – Thumbs Up. Awesome, but not as good as the Black Album or the Grey Album for that matter.
Dec 9th – Lily Allen – It’s You, Not Me – Thumbs Way Up. Vintage great Lily Allen. Definitely worth a second listen.
Dec 10th – The Thermals – Now We Can See – Thumbs Up. Great indie pop from Portland Oregon.
Dec 11th – Girls – Album – Thumbs Way Down. Atrocious, Atrocious, Atrocious. Stay the f#$k away if you can.
Dec 15th – Neko Case – Middle Cyclone – Thumbs Up. It’s fairly decent, but I’m still more of a Caralyn mark fan. But If you dig Neko Case, you’ll absolutely love this.
Dec 16th – The Dead Winter – HoreHound – Thumbs Up. Creepy Jack White and friends pshyco nonsense… Count me.
Dec 17th – The Hood Internet – Mix Tape Volumne 4 – Thumbs Way Up. Please, please do yourself a favor and download it now … no seriously download it now.

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