c.t.overdriveman Tuesday December 15, 2009

So Friday was my bachelor party and it was as epic of a c.t.overdrive bachelor party as one could come across. 23 supervillians and one 14-16 year old spiderman costume descended on the Saddledome for complete chaos. No Supervillians were caught during the foray, but some pride was lost.

Thanks to all the Supervillians who came out and made it a spectacular c.t.overdrive party if there ever was one.

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I thought it would fit, I guess it should have been one size smaller.

darkmanyluk · Dec 15, 03:42 pm · #permalink


There wasn’t enough bulge showing i think…

Maybe for the wedding we’ll give it another run. ;)

cto · Dec 16, 10:42 am · #permalink

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