Random Thoughts For A Bachelor Party Friday December 11, 2009

Well first and foremost, to tonight is my c’est un Bachelor Party.

Which is perfect French for It’s my Bachelor Party your crazy monkeys… I know it’s not really, but that is what you get when you get a 33% in Grade 3 French.

Either way it should be good times. If it’s a third as good as this guy’s bachelor party of laser tag and dinner at Perkins, then I’ll be stoked.

(P.S. A shout out is in order to Mark, Doug and Chris and everyone else involved with the planning of it. You guys are amazing friends.)

First – To follow-up with my Music Critic post, here’s Ronald Pemberton (aka Cadence Weapon)‘s Top 10 records of 2009

Second – You’ve probably noticed over the past few months, that I’ve been really diving into Eric Karjaluoto’s work on his blog ideasonideas and also his latest book Speak Human. Which is an amazing read for anyone in the design industry.

Well to promote his book, he’s launched a GooTube channel which encompasses all of his rants and thoughts. To give you a sneak peak, here’s the latest video about designers and details and of course bourbon.

Third – Not sure how I exactly stumbled upon this little article, but it’s an odd and interesting read anyways, it’s Vanity Fair’s profile of Erik Prince.

By the way, Erik is the CEO of the Famed Mercenaries for hire outfit. You may have heard of them, they’re called Blackwater. Yup, that Blackwater.

Fourth – Because Willaim Dafoe was already killed off in the first one, it looks like John Malkovich is scheduled to play the Vulture in Spider-man 4... and yet again the Lizard gets over looked as the next villian…

For those keeping track all they need to complete the trifecta is to have Gary Oldman play…The Rhino?

FifthThese are the companies in your neighborhood.

Great news from the world of iPhone app development, Hootsuite has finally ported their popular software into the iPhone. But the better news is that Richerd of Tapium fame (which was profiled here) is the man behind the coding.

While that doesn’t make sense for most people who read this, the gist of it is that this new Tweetie/Any Twitter related iPhone App killer has it’s coding roots in the growing and strong Calgary Development community. So a large congrats to Richerd is in order.

SixthThe Top ten GMs of the Naughts. The fact they missed Mr. Darryl I can Do Anything I want Sutter is a travesty.

Seventh – Because Foxes appear to be the new Bear/Shark…. Foxy Hip Hop.

Foxy Hip Hop - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Eighth – How the SAW producers destroyed the Tampa Bay Lighting. (via. jmirtle)

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