Explosions in The Sky Monday December 7, 2009

So, you’ll have to forgive me for posts for the next few weeks as things are going to be a bit hectic around the ol’overdrive house – A wedding and christmas can do that to a person.

But, as a part of Month of New Music I decided to finally sit down and listen to Austin based Explosions in the Sky. Yes, yes it’s the band that has done most of the songs for Friday Night Lights (The Movie & TV show … Hell I’m sure they’ll probably write a forward for the next printing of the book) I digress.

Anyways, if you’ve never listened to Explosions in the Sky you, really, really fahking need to.

Preferably while you’re in Texas…

In the summer heat …

On a dusty road …

On your way to the Dillion Panther’s stadium …

Oh god damn you FNL! you’ve tainted my moment.

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note to C-Tover_drive…
given the upcoming fantastic nuptials (sp?) should you need inspiration or help with blogging i think you and glutastic should hand the reins to your friends and family… i mean really a whole blog could be done on the rehearsal dinner and the fabulouness of the sweaters being worn…

just a note.
from: Blue Fairy.

tendermorsefuls · Dec 8, 12:33 pm · #permalink


Ah, Ms. Blue Fairy.

That could be a genius idea, I think we’ll have to have you on photo duty for the evening.

In regards to handing over the reigns of c.t.overdrive, the day may come … the day may come.

cto · Dec 8, 11:31 pm · #permalink


I think that last comment should be followed up with a: Dun Dun Dun

Caitlin · Dec 10, 01:00 pm · #permalink

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