Connor, Montana, Damien and Luke Tuesday May 23, 2006

Okay, I came across this crazy Baby Name Trends Web Site from First off, don’t get any ideas. I AM not pregnant. Nor is anyone I know pregnant. No roommates. Nobody! Absolutely Nobody! I don’t even have a cat that’s pregnant.

So now that’s out of the way, this is a really neat site which graphically shows trends in baby names. It’s always intresting to see how Connor compares to the waves of Apples, ESPNs, Navaehs and Dakotas. Or how the properly spelt version of your name dominates over all the other wrong variations. (That’s right I’m calling down all you stupid Conors & Conners)

But it seems Connor has officially reached the status of trend name. Looks like the brotherhood of Connor has grown exponentially since the early 80’s. What does that mean? Well, it means the odds have greatly increased that Connor could one day turn into the next Jeffery Dalmher, Adolph Hitler or Ryan Smith Smyth. And there is nothing that would piss me off more, then to wake up one morning and find out that some troubled Connor went and ruin it for the rest of us. Luckily, the closet we’ve been to such a travisty came in the early 90’s when Tom Cruise’s named his adopted son Connor.

Anyways here are some other neat trends:

  • It is neat how popular cinema has influenced people’s choices in names. Surprisingly Damien (the Omen) took a huge dip in the 1970’s, While Mr. Lucas single handidly revitalized Luke.
  • Alberta dropped off in the 1970’s, while Montana peaked and then dropped in the 90’s. Washington lost its cool in the 1920’s. While Historical trends once again have shown that Edmonton was never cool.
  • I find it extremely disappointing that Godzilla or Mothra didn’t pick up some steam in the 60’s. But I do have a feeling that MocOct: the Friday Morning Destroyer and Zanu will make a splash for the 2010’s.

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It’s Smyth (sp)

Scott · May 24, 08:42 pm · #permalink


Wow, What a rookie mistake. I must of confused Jason with Ryan and vice versa.

cturner · May 25, 07:42 am · #permalink

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