Month Of New Music Tuesday December 1, 2009

It’s December 1st and do you know what that means?

19 days till you’re married c.t.overdrive? Yes, but no.

Twitter and every business under the sun is going red for AIDS in Africa day Again, yes, but no.

It’s the beginning of the yyc Month of New Music. You’re Damn Rights it is

Last year a couple of members of the yyc Twitter community (ch3ls33, cawlin, and wintr) declared December a Month of New Music. The idea was to challenge people from the yyc community to listen to a new record for all 31 days of December. It didn’t have to be a new release or anything, but it just had to be new to you. You tweet the record in the morning (or when you start listening to it) and the post your opinion/initial thoughts once your done. It was a simple idea and it caught on by the end of the month.

But what it did was expose a lot of people to a slew of new music.

So this is a challenge to all your twitter folk who read this partake in Month of New Music. Use the hashtag #monm and see what new music you find. At the end of the month. I’ll post my list of cd’s and thought out the month here for people to read here.

And if you’ve got some records I should check out add them in the comments, I’m pretty low on new music at the moment.

Dec 1st – Blood Bank – Bon Iver – Thumbs Up. A great, great snowy time EP.
Dec 2nd – The Day Trotter Sessions – Bon Iver – Thumbs Meh. A decent little EP, it was nice to finally hear an original version of Lump Sum. Overall not as good as The Bloodbank EP.
Dec 3rd – First Aid Kit – Drunken Trees – Is the Sket Ulrich to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twin’s Johnny Depp.
Dec 4th – Dizzie Rascal – Tongue N’ Cheek – Hew was better with Basement Jaxx.

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Check out First Aid Kit – they’re from Sweden, which makes them hip (?) and this song is great:

lbourgon · Dec 1, 09:31 am · #permalink


Have a look at Roger Mooking. He’s the host of Everyday Exotic on the Food Network but I also found out that he’s a musician as well. I checked out his album Soul Food and it’s not to bad. It’s somewhat mellow but it’s got some funk to it.


Les Brown · Dec 1, 06:31 pm · #permalink


Lyndsie, Great selection I will have to give the a try later this month.

Les, I’m very intrigued and I’m going to have to give him a whirl.

If you’re looking to find some of these tracks is good place to go.

cto · Dec 3, 09:43 am · #permalink

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