Random Thoughts For Sochi 2014 Friday December 4, 2009

I know everyone is focused on the Vancouver Olympics and the barrage of Hoopla brewing over their games, but in four more years Mother Russia gets a run at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Please don’t ask me to point on a map where Sochi is. That wasn’t one of the key city’s that Carmen Sandiego and her merry band of of thieves tried to hide their stolen treasures.

But in preparation for any Olympic games the official logo has to be released. In recent weeks a few ideas were leaked to the design community, including this stunning wreath inspire logo.

Looks pretty classy right? Yeah, unfortunately for the rest of the world this atrocity is the chosen symbol.

The only redeeming factor in this entire logo concept is the ‘14’ looks like a inverted ‘hi’.

But yeah, it has the damn url in the design.

First – You probably saw my post earlier this week about Month of New Music, but finding music can be a pain in the ass. Luckily, if you’re struggling to find new music test out Grooveshark.com. Honestly one of the most amazing services on the net.

Second – This is a great shirt from 200Nipples.com

And by the way, after you stop laughing at the web site name, check out the concept behind 200 Nipples. (via. Darcy Bross)

Third – This just screams to the British in me.

Stop! Tea Time! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

FourthLove the Poster, but I question whether or not Helvetica can save a life.

FifthThese are the companies in your neighborhood.

I want to draw your attention to a really interesting online magazine called unlimited. It’s run out of Edmonton, which I know isn’t necessarily in the neighborhood, but it’s still chalkful of insightful stories for the 24-32 year old entrepreneurial workforce.

Duncan Kinney, who you may remember from the yycPhotobook, moved up there and is running their daily blog which runs a great series of articles. If you’ve got a moment and I know you do, please give it a read.

Sixth – Don’t worry kids, this won’t happen. Even I have Limits on my Twitter Addiction.

Seventh – From one of the funniest web sites I’ve come across in a while; it’s The Oatmeal.com’s How A Web Designer Goes To Hell.

Eighth – Also, here is an interesting concept for on the eve of the Copenhagen Climate Conference from Greenpeace. I don’t want to get into the validity/controversy of the posters, but from a design standpoint they are pretty well done.

(via. andrewmcintyre)

Ninth – I know this series of Random Thoughts is very design and t-shirt heavy, but I have to add this link. It’s the news that a new company called Square is set to go live

What’s square you ask? It’s essentially a small device that can be attached to any iPhone that will allow businesses to accept Credit Cards. It’s from the main-brain behind Twitter and it is going to revolutionize business.

Think about it, this puppy allows any business in the world to accept credit cards. The Hotdog vendor down the street, The arts and craft merchant at your Farmers Market, that creepy guy selling T-Shirts outside the Jonas Brothers show.

This is going to be game changer.

Tenth – And a tenth under the wire. From DownGoesBrown – Signs Your Teammates Are Trying To Kill You, with a forward by Keith Ballard... Too funny.

During a meeting with NHLPA reps to discuss the CBA, every question is about how the unsolved murder of the goaltender would impact the salary cap.

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