Random Thoughts For I Want A Goat Friday November 27, 2009

Here is some kickass creative Non-Profit marketing. It’s from I Want A Goat.com and their campaign to purchase goats for impoverished villages in Africa.

Come on, like who doesn’t want a #$%$ing Goat after that video….T.PAIN ftw.

Anyways, back on track.

First – You all know that Glutastic loves the Lainey and by proxy I also adore the Lainey. Because of which, here is a solid little rant about Miley Cyrus and an incident at small Burger Joint.

Come for the story, but stay for the rant about snotty children.

Second – A hilarious review of uber-hootie uber-hottie Leighton Meester’s latest single somebody to love. (via Sarahblue)

Third – And the Glee backlash begins…

It looks like Fox’s Mega Hit Glee is facing pressure from disabled groups for trying to break disability stereotypes, by using an able bodied actor to play the roll of wheelchair bound Archie. (via. cousin in-law lyndsiebourgon)

This goes to further my point, that sometimes you can’t win for trying.

Fourth – Could Wes Anderson’s new stop motion flick be better than Bottle Rocket? (via. Kermitology) …

All signs point to yes.

Fifth – Usually, I’ve reserved this for introducing my readers to local companies that are making a big splash in the tech industry, but with Christmas coming along I’ve decide to dedicate this to a great gift idea for that adorable Photographer on your Christmas list.

If you need an idea for that special someone pick-up the yycPhotobook. $25 Dollar and you get a piece of this special city we call home. But even better all proceeds of the book go to the charity Brown Bagging It For Kids. If you do I’ll even sign the damn thing for you … which will probably lower the monetary value of the book even more.

But seriously it’s a great, great gift.

Sixth – Here’s an interesting discussion on municipal policy, social media, and a the City of Calgary’s decision not to follow local users on twitter (via. SarahDawley).

Seventh – Here’s Matt Good’s take on the demands of some of his fans and the outrage against his choices.

Now, I’m not saying that Matt Good only did this in Saskatchewan, but it’s ironic that the largest amount of backlash came from our friends to the East … I wonder if that little shoe incident a few years ago had anything to do with it?

Eighth – Alright, I’m not trying to bash Saskatchewan today. One of my groomsmen is from the Saskatoon and I love the Smitty’s in Swift Current. But sometimes, Saskatchewanites scare me…

Ninth – Threadless is having their massive $9 Thanksgiving day sale… Because of which you need to purchase this t-shirt.

THIS Is How The World Ends - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Tenth – And last but not least for the week, Roger Ebert takes aim at the people and the corporate suits that torpedoed his beloved At The Movies.

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