Bohemian Rhapsody Muppet Redux Wednesday November 25, 2009

You can thank Mr. Gary Oates for this one, but this has been flying around the Internet for the past couple of days. It’s the Muppets remake of Queen’s classic Bohemian Rhapsody.

And For the record, Animal steals the show.

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I stand by my earlier comment on this video:

Who needs Clean Coal… just hook some jumpers up to Henson’s grave… the spinning ought to power half the country.

Jamie · Nov 25, 09:33 am · #permalink


So with that statement,

That means I’m going to have put you in the two thumbs down column?

cto · Nov 26, 11:05 am · #permalink


A friend of mine had this to say on the Muppets’ Bohemian Rhapsody:

“Look. I’ll take any heroin these days. It’s not the pure perfect shit the govt gives out. It’s not the pure jim henson frank oz love. But dirty drugs are still drugs man and I need ‘em!”

Me? I’m going clean on this. Call me a snob. I am comfortable with my own righteousness.

Anything post-Jim just ain’t the damn Muppets. No soul.

Go find the Muppets’ cover of Buffalo Springfield… a bunch of forest creatures, hiding from redneck hunters (yes… redneck Muppets…) “Stop, children… what’s that sound… everybody look what’s going down….”

Jamie · Nov 27, 10:10 am · #permalink

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