Random Thoughts For The Launch of Foursquare in Calgary Friday November 20, 2009

Poploser broke the new yesterday, but Calgary is now officially on Foursquare.

What does this mean?

Well, not much, but expect the buzz about Foursquare to build in the city until April, when one of CityTv or CTV does a special on it. Suddenly, it’ll be the new business craze as restaurants and bars start leveraging it into gold. By offering specials to Mayors and Foursquare regulars. That sentence made no sense to half the people reading this, but it will in Four months.

Essentially, Foursquare is the location based game/task version of Twitter. Think Google’s Latitude, but without the all-knowing-1984-in-we-are-in-your-internetz-following-what-you-are-doing sort of vibe.

Please note, I’m off my game today, so if I have not credited the right people on notes, I do apologize.

First – Here’s why the Super Freakeconomics Guys think all this climate change stuff isn’t as dire as we think and how we shouldn’t ‘really’ worry, because an answer is coming … and subsequently why the New Yorker thinks they’re idiots.

Second – Surprising stats on the NFL’s lack of social media interaction. Compare this to the excellent work being done, by the Chicago Blackhawks and it’s pretty shocking.

Third – I don’t know where I found this link, it just appeared in my browser tabs, but it’s a great read. It’s Roger Ebert reminiscing on the 15th anniversary of Hoop Dreams. He even goes as far as to calling it the Great American Documentary, which is a pretty bold statement.

Fourth – Check this out, crazy redesign of three of the NFL’s most recognizable helmets.

Fifth – I know it’s not a Calgary company, but the new Jamble iPhone/iPod Touch app is pretty killer and it’s making some nice waves

Sixth – This is almost like Darth Vader and Dr. Doom teaming up to take over the world … just without the cool metal masks. Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck toss around the idea of forming the most lunatic Presidential ticket in American History.

Seventh – This is another one of those random links that appeared in my browser over the past two weeks, but it’s a random series of texts between a 20 year old designer and some pour 15 year old bus-ridden hood who thinks he’s about to get some action from his 15 year old Edmontonian girlfirend.

This right is why the Internet rocks.

Eighth – Ah, this is my new favourite site in a long line of Designers/Developers venting about their own client sites – ClientsFromHell.com.

$1,000 is very expensive, you know. We only want a simple website with our current contents, and contact form as well. And don’t forget about CMS features. We want to add or edit content on our own. And the picture gallery, we want something that stunning and animated. The header should be animated as well. And our logo seems too old, can you design new logo for our company? But the best price we can offer is $300, and we think that’s more than enough

Ninth – Last but not least, Threadless now has Designer iPhone Cases…

Tenth – And by the way, Ari Gold was in #yyc for the Holt Renfrew Party last night. Although it sounds like he acted like a fool. Truth is it’s Ari, like Sutter he can do whatever he wants.

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