Wasp Nests Tuesday November 17, 2009

This post probably won’t make a lick of sense, but run with me anyways. I spent most of my attention last week getting all my glutastic posts in line that I nearly forgot I need to write on c.t.overdrive again. P.S. I hope you enjoyed glutastic’s posts last week.

Anyways, yesterday morning my addictive reliance on Internet, Email and the World Wide Web was brutally revealed to me, as I was forced into a Monday morning without Internet connection. Because of which I was unable to read the latest news and tidbits of the world and instead had to satisfy my constant desire for information by relying on cached web pages in my Firefox browser from the week before. Which really means nothing, but it does give a reference point to explain that one of my browser tabs was logged on to Douglas Copeland’s NY Times web site blog and because of which I spent most of the morning reading every single Douglas Copeland post on that page. Including one post about Wasps and turning his most famous books into Wasps Nest, by chewing the pages in 2006.

Now, I’m not entirely sure if he actually chewed the pages himself, but it was a very interesting article. And an article by an author who I have a love hate relationship with.

See a couple of years ago I read Hey Nostradamus!! and absolutely fell in love with his work. it was brilliant, deep and intense; a really emotional read. Unfortunately, I decided to read JPod shortly after, thinking it was going to be a novel that would absolutely blow my mind, but instead left me feeling cheated and angry with Copeland. I’m not sure what it was, maybe the ridiculous nature of the story line or the way Copeland tends to ramble and misguide people in a way to get a point across. Either way it was a frustrating read and one that has left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Douglas Copeland’s work.

I always get excited when I hear of a new book or exhibition or interview or even a movie featuring his work, but since reading JPod, a few seconds later my mind reminds me of how frustrating that experience was.

Needless to say, his article on Wasp nests was really interesting and reignited my love affair with his work. So if you’ve got time you should read it. So in a long, convoluted and annoying way, I’ve essentially wasted your time when all I needed to say is read this posts on wasp nests.

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re: copeland… you really must rent and watch Souvenirs of Canada. Bonus points if you watch it with someone foreign who will understand none of the nostalgia evoked.

doug · Nov 18, 07:32 pm · #permalink

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