The Summer Of NewCastle Brown Monday May 22, 2006

In 2003, it was the Summer of AGD.
In 2004, it was the Summer of Miller High Life. LaBatt Shitty Kitty.
In 2005, it was the Summer of Pilsner.

So as of this weekend, the Summer of 2006 will be known as The Summer Of NewCastle Brown Ale. [Insert chorus of Angels here]

Welcome to the Summer of 2006

Sure some of you might be curious as to why a guy trying to stay on the bandwagon would be dedicating a summer to a Brown Ale from England. I agree it is odd, but this is a summer tradition dating back to atleast three years ago. Every year after the May Long weekend one has to declare what type of summer to expect. Its a rite of passage to set the bar of stupidity for the upcoming summer.

Being that I’ve done away with the old ctoverdrive persona I was debating whether to christen this summer with a beer, spritzer or wine cooler. But then I realized it would be foolish to do such a thing. Forgoing the past doesn’t mean I can’t have a summer of fun. Sure the alcohol content will be far less, but the whole idea is symbolic rather than a rule. Plus it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the occasional cold bevy on a hot summer patio.

So why Newcastle? I have really begun to love NewCastle. It started off as the drink of choice on Sunday nights at the Vicous Circle, but now i’ve found myself ordering it everywhere. Plus It goes well with a A-Bomb hotdog, cake or on the Ship Patio. Plus it is an economic deteriate to binge on and far to rare to find in a dive bar. So I feel like its the perfect compliment to a summer of change and relaxation.

So, Welcome to the 2006 the summer of NewCastle Brown.

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What about a summer of shitty kitty?

Scott · May 22, 09:56 pm · #permalink


Labatt shitty kitty! That was four summers ago. I think. Maybe.

connor · May 22, 10:44 pm · #permalink

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