Random Thoughts For Scarecrows Friday October 30, 2009

I stumbled across this collection of creeptastic Scarecrows in my journey through the wonderful world of Tumblr web sites. Since it’s Halloween, I think a collection of scarecrows that don’t hang around with rusty Tin Man and bumbling Lion is in order.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

First – Hidden in the depths of the iPhone App store is this gem from Nike. It’s an App that lets you purchase customized sneakers directly from Nike.com. Who knows it might even been sweat shop free…

I mean the App, not the shoes.

Second – Okay, for a brief second there I thought I read Zombies. I damn near almost purchased a Sjostrom jersey right there on the spot. Anyways, it turns out that new Flame Freddie Sjostrom is ridiculously terrified of ZAMBONIS (via. cpuck)

But I still think he’s terrified of Zombies … Because who isn’t.

Third – I cannot reiterate this enough – The end of the newspaper industry cannot come soon enough. Just check out this gem in this week’s Calgary Sun – Right-wing women rock: Looking at the shoes tells a lot about a female’s political persuasion. (via. Mr. Rennie)

Fourth – A great web site and now book for anyone who is tired of the irrationality of the world – Rules For My Unborn Son.

FifthThese are the companies in your neighbourhood.

I plan on writing about this a bit more in the future, (maybe even a full blog post on a tour of the place) but there is great news for all you Freelancers out there; Calgary’s first Coworking Hub opened it’s doors to the public last week.

I spent some time talking with a couple of the guys behind the idea and they really have their shit together. So if you are working independently out of your basement, please check their web site out and consider it as a viable alternative. The $450 you’d pay in a desk rental will go a long way with the connections you’ll make at the space.

Sixth – Sara (From Tegan and Sara fame) explains how to play Walking with the Ghost. (Again, I’ve forgotten the source of this link)

Seventh – The Ultimate Warrior has a web site and a blog. It will change your life. (via. Kurtyp)

EighthDid you know that Cobra, The Green Lantern and Batman were shameless rip-offs of other cartoon characters? … I didn’t.

Finally, both organizations give their member a special, unique weapon that can be used by nobody else but the person to whom it was given. In Lensmen’s case a lens that gives them telepathic powers, and in Green Lantern’s case the ring that can’t protect you from banana peels.

Did you also know that Cracked.com is the world’s best waste of time? … I did.

Ninth – I’m being a bit irresponsible as a blogger this week, but I can’t recall where I found this for the life of me. Anyways, here’s the story of how a battered and bruised Maple Leafs fan gave up on his life long dedication to failure, for a mere 25 dollars on eBay.

Tenth – Unfortunate news from the world of sports reporting, Mike Toth was let go by Sportsnet. In homage to his great career, please find below some of Mike’s best work with one of the best programs in the history of local Calgary Television – Sports At 11:30. (via cpuck.com)

Eleventh – In case anyone doesn’t have Halloween plans, the Foo Fighters are playing live tomorrow night at 8:00pm … On Facebook.

Twelveth – Alright, final link this week. It’s Flickr’s Dogs In Costume photoset

There, I’ve filled your cute quota for the week. You can all smile now.

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Hey now, to be fair, it’s not the entire newspaper industry that needs to disappear…

I’d be quite happy with a small start. Like, say, if the Calgary Sun burned to death in a fire.
The entire paper. In a fire.

Jamie · Oct 31, 09:32 am · #permalink


Fair Enough, not all newspapers should die a horrible and slow death…But there are a good sub-section of them that should. The ones that possibly have a ‘sunshine girl’ as a feature should probably be the first to feel this wrath.

cto · Nov 2, 02:13 pm · #permalink

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