Random Thoughts For smoke51.com Friday October 23, 2009

So the D.A. showed me this little web site a couple of weeks ago at his lovely house warming party. Essentially, Smoke51.com is online company that sells electronic Cigarettes and Cigars. Their sole product is a fireless/tobacco-less version of your every day cigarette. Smoke51.com’s mission is to provide the world with a safe fireless alternative to your regular Peter Jacksons, Lucky Strikes, Camels and even Cuban Cigars.

They even come in Cherry and Vanilla….ooo…ahhh

But, the best part about Smoke51.com, and unfortunately I cannot find an image of it for the life of me, is the Flyer Card. See every package of Smoke51 cigarettes comes with a special card, which basically says: Dear Air Marshall, It’s okay for me to smoke this sweet death of a nicotine stick on this plane, because it is neither a real cigarette or an incendiary device that could blow us all out of the sky.

I’d love to be saying I’m kidding, but it’s true. It’s one of the most ridiculous marketing ptiches I’ve ever seen.

First – Via Tech Crunch – Nokia spoofs the new Paranormal Activity Movie for it’s latest ad campaign

So why is this important? Because it again demonstrates that as hard as I may try, my age is really showing. WTF is Paranormal Activity?

Second – This is why spending $300,000 to build a city brand can actually be an important move by a city. Have a really long look at Belfast’s new city brand.

Considering that 89% of people associate Belfast with The Troubles, The IRA, The Ulster Union and The Cranbrerries I think this new image is going to dramatically change people’s view point of such a beautiful, beautiful city.

ThirdThe Mayan Calendar Warns Of Cataclysmic Roland Emmerich Film On Nov. 13

Fourth5 reasons why you should go to college, from a bitter 20-something (via. Leahblonde)

FifthThese are the companies in your neighbourhood.

I’ve talked about these guys before, but Tapium really is a company to watch in the next couple of months. In particular, their iPhone apps are going to blow some people out of the water.

On Tuesday, at the Digital Alberta: Mobile Madness Mixer, Richerd showed me a couple of the projects that are in the tubes and all I can is Wow!. One of his products, without question is going to kill one of the most popular apps on the market.

SixthTSN.ca is trying to find the NHL’s best goalie mask. So please go to TSN.ca and prevent all those pathetically suicidal Maple Leafs fans from winning … for the first time this season.

Seventh – I know this is a bit biased … Alright it’s completely biased towards the Anti-TV Tax in the debate, but here are some interesting editorial view points on the whole Save Local Television debate.

And if you’re curious as to my stance on the whole debate, I’m increasingly on the side with Shaw and the Cable providers. Don’t get me wrong I love and value local Television, but what has changed in the past 40 years that has suddenly made another tax so important? Oh, wait that’s right your business model is suddenly crumbling.

You’re still spending millions of dollars to import American Shows, while people are watching those same shows at their own time via Torrents, hulu.com and DVD boxsets. All the while you’ve really worked to further local television by shutting down Sports At 11:30, BucShot (Although that was more of an age thing) and you bastards even fired Dar Maqbool.

Eighth – I have no idea what this is … But it’s from one of the guys who started-up vimeo. (It’s not really safe for work though)

Ninth – More OffTheBeatenTracks.tv goodness.

Episode #13.3: Adam from Y’all Is Fantasy Island – “Consider Yrself Swallowed” from Off The Beaten Tracks on Vimeo.

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