The End of Dose Thursday May 18, 2006

It looks like CanWest, the media giant responsible for Global Television, has pulled the plug on the DOSE newspaper. I’m not going to lose any sleep because of its demise, but it is somewhat of a shame. I’ll admit I was actually starting to warm up to DOSE. Sure it was a shameless corporate attempt to infiltrate the counter culture media and DOSE’s filtered down brand of student newspaper/tabloid reporting was somewhat tiresome. Yet, for my ten minute trip to work it was a decent mental escape.


Sure, most articles were border lining on tabloid trash, but occasionally there was a diamond in the rough. In November there was a pretty emotional spread about a young artist in Vancouver who was gunned downed in front of a club in Vancouver. Because of DOSE, I doubt I will ever forget that kid’s story. (What ever his name was) On occasion Dose would have a spotlight or article on something really cool. A couple of months ago they had an article on discount travel sites like itravel2000. On Tuesday I picked up on the Dangermouse & Cee-lo collaboration Gnarles Barkley from Dose. Now I can’t remove that CD from my itunes.

The magazine was also fairly well crafted. There was always a new cover design each day and some of the layouts were fairly progressive. You could tell that the people behind the scenes took pride in their work. There was an element of uniqueness even though it was obviosuly controlled by a power mongering evil media corporation. But nowadays, who isn’t controlled by a power mongering evil media corporation?

Anyways, I’ll stop lamenting my sorrows for DOSE. So R.I.P little buddy.

Update: Yup, DOSE is offically done

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