#4 - World War Z Thursday October 22, 2009

So this whole c.t.overdrive book club thing was suppose to be a Spectacular Summer Special Series of posts. Unfortunately, I got a bit distracted. So my goal is to finish the book club before December 1st. Maybe provide some Christmas gift ideas … for that special someone … on your list … with the weirdest taste in books.

I digress.

Book 4 on the list is none other than the oral history of mankind after the Zombie War – World War Z.

World War Z

Set years after a UN Postwar Commission study on the outcome of the Great Zombie War is released to the world, World War Z is the raw conversations of key survivors of the Zombie Epidemic. In short World War Z is a set of interesting anecdotes told about a fictional war against zombies.

Told in a format that chronicles the entire lifespan of the conflict; from the initial Asian outbreak to the decimation of society to the first rendition of The Redeker Plan all the way to the ‘present day’ status of society. WWZ is a time capsule of a fictional world; one where Cuba is the economic centre, N. Korea has completely disappeared, China is a Democracy and Canada is nothing more than a decimated frozen haven from the Zombie Hordes.

Why It’s on the List

If anyone reading this is surprised that a Zombie novel is on this list, please raise your hands … Yeah, I didn’t think there would be anyone.

But rest assured World War Z is far more than just a Zombie novel. It really is a thoughtful examination of society, all wrapped up in our fear of death and the marauding hopelessness of doom. Oh yeah, World War Z is that deep … and it’s gruesome too.

As someone who spent most of what they would call a Higher Education studying our societies natural inclinations and his youth enthralled by God-like games such as Civilization, X-Com and Shining Force, World War Z is really a literary perfect storm. 20 parts horror and 40 parts an intriguing dissection of current day society … at it’s worst hour.

Lingering Idea

There’s a section in the book where Brooks details the difficult campaign to reclaim the Eastern ‘United’ States. In this section, witnesses describe the impossible of task of sweeping through the Zombie infested wastelands of Suburban America on foot.

I’m not sure what it is, but this thought has lingered with me since I put down the book last January. I can’t remove the image of society where the necessities of our daily life; automobile transportation, packaged food and readily accessible electricity, are non-existent and pointless. The world of WWZ is a place where pretty much 75% of what we cheerish today is useless. Then throw in the added complexity of trying to eradicate the Zombie hordes hidden in the endless sea of pastel coloured houses … And it becomes a pretty haunting image.

The c.t.overdrive Book Club

If you are looking for the basis behind this list check out the orginial post. Or Just follow along below.

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  4. World War Z – Max Brooks
  5. The Chrysalids – John Wyndham

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