This One Goes Out To Boley. Wednesday October 14, 2009

So after 4 days of intense anticipation, I finally opened my refurbished MacBook … And here’s what it looks in a box.

Yes, it’s just what you’d imagine. It’s a freaking Mac in a White Box.

Alright, now that Mr. Boley is half-way through jabbing a fork in his eye screaming obscenities at his lazy cat, all the time thinking Oh, oh, oh Sweet HEAVEN! Not another I’m opening a MacBook post! Why is there no Justice FOR DR. DRE!!, let’s get down to true significance behind the new MacBook purchase.

Yes, it’s true the proud days of being an anti-Mac Luddite are now over. (See Post 1, Post 2 and Post 3 for further evidence of my stance) A couple weeks ago, I came to the quick realization that the company’s decision to partake in a handful of side projects would require consistent access to a Mac. And while Caitlin is absolutely in love with her new MacBook, she was probably not going to let my grubby coffee-stained fingers and nicotine-soaked fingernails defile her beloved Hubert. It became apparent that I needed to finally just give in to conformity, take the plunge and purchase a MacBook.

A Mac that I would promise not to use soley as a coat rack/key holder for two whole months, but one that I would actually turn on. Heck, maybe even install a few programs and maybe, maybe, maybe even do a bit of work with.

So the deed is done.

I’m a Mac owner. I’m trying to find out how to live without right-clicking and trying to learn shortcuts that involve 5-6 keystrokes.

(For The Record the story about owning a MacBook for two months and using it as a stool/coat hanger is entirely true)

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At least there isn’t a picture of you licking the case…

Ryan · Oct 14, 11:50 am · #permalink


I think you mean, At least there isn’t a picture of you licking the case…yet

cto · Oct 14, 12:37 pm · #permalink


Congrats! Single most common question: how do I live without right-click? Answer: you don’t. If you hit ctrl-click, you get a right-click menu. Or you can set up the trackpad under control panel to do a right-click when you have two fingers on the trackpad. This works really well.

Of course, if you use an external mouse, the right button is enabled by default. Macs long ago understood the need for contextual menus, but Apple is too bloody minded to add another button.

Naheed · Oct 14, 01:14 pm · #permalink


If you need any help figuring things out let me know. Also Ctrl + click = Right Click, and you might be able to add a replacement for it under System Preferences > Hardware > Trackpad.

Alex Lemanski · Oct 14, 01:17 pm · #permalink


Good news c-tover-drive—- though I am sure you weren’t being totally literal-but u can use right click mice on Mac’s. I know small victories! … Happy mac-ing.

Oh nother side note-i believe in the mass of stuff stored at the aunts-there is original apple stickers and or parts…
Ya-the original pacman kind…

soohen · Oct 14, 06:13 pm · #permalink

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