Random Thoughts For A Spiderman Fatty Doll Friday October 16, 2009

We’ve been spending a fair bit of time on Etsy recently. Mostly for a variety of cool reasons, but mainly because if you need something unique this is the place to go. And when I say unique, I mean unique.

Like for example hand crafted wooded Spiderman dolls.

I’m not entirely sure what a custom made fatty doll is used for, but I want one. It actually might over take my desire to have an entire collection of 20 Spiderman super villain buttons.

First – From Andy (of nonimage fame) It is Frightened Rabbit live at The Royal Blind Scottish Variety Performance.

Second – You know, with a 0-6-1 start it is becoming incredibly easy to make fun of the Toronto Maple Laffs. It seems like everyone and their cat is taking jabbs at the jokes from the east. Just check out this ingenious rendition of straight outta Compton called Straight outta Anahiem. Or better yet, just sit back with a steaming hot cup of coco and enjoy the Laffs bashing with DownGoesBrown’s 6 positives of this horrible start … Ah, the sweet smell of failure.

Third – Excellent news, Polaroid and the Impossible Project are starting to release new polaroid film. (via. lbourgon”:http://twitter.com/lbourgon/status/4864055014)

That sound you hear? That’s me air-pumping in excitement.

Fourth – Because, if you are anything like my future wife, you’ve probably already conquered the drums, bass and guitar. (And you’ve probably taken a pass on the microphone and left it to the scratchy throated smoker in the corner). But now it’s time to take on the Turn Tables.

See below for the DJ Hero Introduction. (via. Magnozine)

FifthThese are the companies in your neighbourhood – So if anyone is curious as to my reason for disappearing from the world this weekend, here’s what I’m up to. It’s the first iPhone Dev Camp in Calgary. It’s a full weekend of iPhone developing fun-happy-party-times at the University.

It’s also being put on by Robots & Pencils, a husband and wife tandum with an impressive amount of business and tech start-up knowledge. They are also the brains behind the successful iPhone app CRUSHfactor.

Sixth – Hot Damn! Laser-etched Kellogs Cornflakes. Hmmm…One question. When do get I my laser-etched Leprechauns on my laser-etched Lucky Charms. (via. splorp)

Seventh – I’m sorry, but since popping out a second baby, I have to admit that Dooce is on blogging fire. If you haven’t read her stuff in a while, I strongly suggest you do. P.S. Loving the Don Knotts references in most of her posts.

Eighth – Speaking of Spiderman, the best part of this interview with Sam Raimi is the he uses the singular form of Villain. Not two, not three, not sinister six, but one villain.

Ninth – From Blogs To Books – a timeline of all the blogs that have received book deals.(via. poploser)

The sad part about this timeline is that I have purchased three of these books. (Postsecret, Stuff White People Like and Douchebags with Hot Chicks) Which is more two more books than any other genre of books, besides UBST textbooks, that I’ve purchased in the past nine years.

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