R.I.P. Spectacle Spectacular Tuesday October 6, 2009

Last night during our intense beer league soccer game last night a travesty occurred.

Sometime during the second period of a meaningless intramural ball a colossal collision occurred. Not just any collision, but a collision between a giant indoor tennis ball/soccer ball and my beloved glasses (which were sitting in my gym bag). The result of this collision is below…

While most of you are asking Seriously Dude, it’s just a pair of glasses!, I have to admit this has left our household in a state of turmoil and depression. These glasses have been a part of my nerd image for roughly 5 years, about the entire length that myself and Caitlin have known each other. These brown spectacles, which at one point matched my hair colour, have been my trademark. Every morning, every day, these have been on my face. In every photo that adorns our bare poverty stricken apartment walls these ridiculous hipster glasses have been a hallmark of my life.

Unfortunately, last night’s accident has ended this era …

So to you glasses, I say R.I.P Spectacle Spectacular, you will be missed.

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