Random Thoughts For A Turkey Hangover Monday October 12, 2009

I’m going to blame the tardiness of this week’s random thoughts solely on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend and the ensuing Turkey hangover that comes with it. And for the record, since I’m still a first generation Irglish child, I still have no clue what this whole shindig is all about.


FirstThe FTC now mandates that Bloggers must disclose payments for all products reviews on a web site. Even though, I’m not American, I thought I would disclose the amount of money that I have received from reviewing a product on c.t.overdrive.

That value is: $0

But for the record, I would gladly modify this number to review some Threadless T-Shirts, Polaroid Camera equipment and even a large screen television.

Second – Forget being on a Boat … Anand and the Bumtop team are in Wired

Third – When Panada’s Attack has to be one of the best T-Shirts Threadless has ever released. In my honest opinion, this sucker really should be a hoodie.

But the good news is that it’s for sale again, during their retro t-shirt sale. Because a two year old T-shirt is so retro.

When Pandas Attack - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Fourth – Ah, this pains me, but I kinda have to agree. That being said … Ha Ha! Stupid Oilers”.

FifthThese are the companies in your neighborhood. So this week’s this is a company in your neighborhood is dedicated to Pho3nix New Media Inc.

Pho3nix New Media, may not be a huge multimillion dollar name in your world, but if you’ve played Curse of the Pharaoh or it’s sequel then you know of the company. Earlier this week, Pho3nix’s president Jon Lam launched news of the first Canadian Based iPhone Fund. Which again probably doesn’t mean much, but 2 million dollars towards the iPhone development community in the city is pretty impressive.

Sixth – This could be the best looking version of FIFA soccer since the original 1995 Genesis version. I just hope they kept the feature where you could run away from the ref for hours at a time … Stupid ref, look at him run. Why didn’t he just tackle the offending player.

Seventh – Here’s an interesting turn of events, it seems Dallas Mavericks uber-owner Mark Cuban, is starting to champion the local Dallas scribes over the local Dallas TV reporters in regards to coverage of his team. This is pretty impressive, because Cuban garnered his billions off of the back of his online Television business. So it’s extremely odd to see him urging supports to support a traditional newspaper system.

Eighth – Here’s a Class of 1998 flashback with a HoodInternet Mix. P.Diddy vs. The Volcano Choir

All About The Islands (Puff Daddy vs Volcano Choir) – The Hood Internet

NinthVikings & Skateboards … oh my!

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