BumpTop Gets Sexier Thursday October 1, 2009

It is pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of BumpTop, probably one of the company’s biggest fan boyz. So this news is pretty stellar for the future of the application, because Bumptop now has multi-touch functionality...

Wow. I can hear pin drops.

Alright, this new probably means nothing to most people. So here’s a simplified explanation: it means that Bumptop is one step closer to becoming the multi-touch application that was seen in The Minority Report. Ahhh! Now we’re catching on.

Anyways. Do yourself a favour and check out the video below for the latest innovation.

So how many of you watched the movie? Come on now. Go back and watch the movie again.

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You should come check out my thesis work. I’ve got it set up so that I can do the minority report thing using a bastardization of these:


if you’ve got a wiimote, bluetooth on your computer and $5 for parts, I’ll set you up to play tom cruise :) For my purposes you have to do it with your eyes closed though and pretend to be blind though.

Doug · Oct 1, 10:19 pm · #permalink



That would be pretty intresting to see. Very intresting infact.

You should contact Anand at Bumptop to see if you can visit their offices in Toronto to see what they are doing. There is a strong correlationg between the two things your talking about. Anand is a former graduate of the U of C also.

cto · Oct 2, 09:51 am · #permalink

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