Random Thoughts For Mussoorie Friday October 2, 2009

It’s a bit of a little known fact that although Papa Overdrive is probably as English as one could possibly get, he actually grew up in the mountainous region of the Himalayas. In fact, Papa Overdrive and Grandpapa Overdrive lived in the small mountainous town of Mussoorie, where Grandpapa Overdrive was head of Military Police for the province of Uttarakhand. This is all way back before Indian gained its independence from the glorious British Empire.

I mention this, because after a 6-10 year communication gap, I have finally started re-connecting with my cousins via Facebook. Through these conversations, my interest in the region has been rekindled and I find myself search Flickr on a daily basis for pictures of Mussorie, India. So below are some of the pictures from this beautifully amazing region of India.

If you want to check out more from Flickr, have a look at the Geolocation stream on Flickr.

First – Classy article from Flames President Ken King regarding Theo’s retirement.

Second … And this is why I’m going to stop building web sites and just start building Facebook Pages. The New England Patriots have released their new uber interactive Facebook Fan Page … (P.S. For those curious and wondering how Facebook would ever make any money here’s your answer.)

Third – Are there any camera junkies out there? Or maybe someone who is looking to explore the world of cameras?

If you are, then help LouderThan10 (Mr. Travis Gertz) get rid of his stuff before he and his wife leave on an epic Winnebago Adventure with Walter.

So if you want a great camera pack, take a look at what he’s selling.

Fourth – From Mr. D.A.Arnott, Here’s a case study of how a business use of Twitter can go horribly wrong. Uncharted 2‘s Horrible Game Updates experiment

Fifth – I’m going to start a new trend with these random thoughts. I’m going to call it These are the Tech Companies in Your Neighbourhood.

I figure since I spend most of my time talking about start-ups, social media tools, internet business and the what not maybe it is time to start promoting some of the companies I meet and hear of on a regular basis. So from now on look for the Fifth link to be a link to a company (or an article on the company) from the Calgary region.

This week’s big winner is crowdsourcing-uber-champions Mob4Hire

Sixth – With the NHL Season starting yesterday, here’s an awesome article in Sports Illustrated from 1980 about the Sutter Brothers and their brash clan.

Seventh – It’s articles like this that make me wish I had more time to do Logo design work… Or at least hone my Logo Design skills. Anyways, here are another 50+ Logo Designs for inspiration.

Eighth – Because I think it’s a great store and a great example of a local business leveraging Twitter in Calgary, check out ThinkHenry.

Ninth – Apparently the Conservative Party of Canada is sponsoring the Canadian National Olympic team … I’m kidding, but I have a feeling someone from the other political parties won’t be. (via. Dave Brekenridge)

Update: Ooops. Looks like somebody is already a bit mad

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