Random Thoughts For A Curtis Mayfield Inspired Friday Friday May 19, 2006

It’s the long weekend kids. It is time to toss the away the business casual and check out the cities’ finest patios.

The opposite of winter

First – I mentioned this yesterday, but I just picked up the new Dangermouse & Cee-lo collaboration – Gnarls Barkley. It is unconscious. I have been looking for a soulful record like this for a while. It’s like a listening to some juiced up Blaxpotation movie staring the guys from the Gorillaz and Curtis Mayfield. Do your self a favor and pick it up.

Second – Tonight at 10pm Mountain Standard Time a new Online T-shirt company dubbed Oddica being launched. In the same vein as Threadless.com, Oddica has promised that 41% of all proceeds will go directly towards the artist. Seems like a neat idea. There are a few really outstanding T-shirts, but most of the initial line has a morbid ambiance to it. I’ve already got my eye on a killer t-shirt, so if anyone even tries to purchase the Evil Keniveal shirt I will sock them in the uterus. No lie. In tha UTERUS!

Third – Apparently I missed this memo, but the month of May is Moustache Month. Men all over the world have been locking themselves in dark closets concentrating on forcing their facial follicles to protrude. If you’ve got some time help choose the best Moustache on the Net. It’s like Hot or Not for creepy pedophiles. Amazing!

Fourth – There has been a lot of press about Al Gore recently. Since staring in the recent documentary An Inconvenient Truth, Gore has graced the cover of Vanity Fair and been once again championed as a crusader of the liberal left in America. With all this publicity many are asking where would we be if Al Gore won in 2000.

Fifth – Ian McKellan with the quote of the year. (So far)

In response to being asked whether or not the DaVinici Code should be prefaced with a disclaimer, Sir Ian McKellan responded with: Well, I’d often thought the Bible should have a disclaimer at the front saying, ‘this is fiction.’ (from Kottke.org)

Sixth – Finland is offically the craziest country in Europe. This is awesome instead of selecting a bleach blonde songstress or maybe some sleep guitar picking songwriter, Finalnd sent a Satanic Heavy Metal Band to represent thier country at this year’s Eurovision competition. That’s the equivelant of having GWAR to dwell it out with Kelly Clarkson and Bo Dice on American Idol. Finland rules!

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Ok, the Gnarls is exactly what I needed to avoid listening to Stadium Arcadium for the twentieth time this week. Porn music on speed. Remember that Bran Van 3000 song a few years back that was so damn catchy? (NOT drinking in L.A….) This is like an entire album of that, only original.

Jamie · May 20, 12:00 am · #permalink


Jamie, I couldn’t agree more. I have spent days trying to figure out which Bran Van Track, Gnarls was eerily similar to. Good call ol chum. Good call.

cturner · May 20, 07:47 am · #permalink

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