Random Thoughts For Q-Tip 2.0 Friday September 25, 2009

I had a different idea for this set of random thoughts, but decided to scrap it in favour of something a little lighter. So let’s talk about Practise… I’m kidding let’s talk about Q-Tip.

Yup, apparently Q-Tip is finally back with an other solo album (thanks to Kurt For the heads up). Why is this important, because … It’s damn Q-Tip and nothing in the world beats a hot day and some Tribe Called Quest. And while I’d love to embed the new Q-Tip Gettin Up you’ll have to settle for this lo-fi version of Move for the time being. (Note to Universal… Embedded videos sell tracks … Just saying)

First – Remember I was talking about Foursquare a couple of weeks ago. Well, here’s a bunch of reasons from Robert Scoble on why Foursquare might make Twitter seem so May 2008 … That’s if it ever makes it to Calgary.

SecondBear Trap (via. rumplo.com)

Third – What is this? Is this 12-side-dice awesomeness? Oh you bet your arse it is. Dungeon and Dragons freaking Jones Soda is available now. (via. Trendd)

Forth – Ahh … Excellent! With this information it is only a matter of time before the Calgary Sun dies a slow and drawn out death. Metro Newspapers (nationwide) reachs over a million readers a week. More importantly it surpasses the Calgary Sun in the 18-34 year old readership department. (via. Ashely MacIssac)

FifthGreat illustrations by Kelly Sutherland from the 48-hour Luddite article in the next addition of Avenue Magazine. (Which is courtesy of the article’s writter – Poploser)

Sixth – An Onion article with Levar Burton on what life is like without Reading Rainbow (P.S. It’s a joke)

Seventh – Wow, did I miss something, but when did online celebrity-video nerd ZeFrank score a gig with TIME Magazine?

Eighth – You know what? I really wish there was an app that allowed me to purchase my Starcbucks coffee directly from my iPhone. What? There’s a a fahkin app for that? … Awesome.

Ninth – This came across my INGDirect Facebook fan page. Which in itself is pretty hysterical, but it’s essentailly a updated SuperSavers account for ING with astronauts and lasers and aliens and like lasers. It’s called OrangeKids.ca. So send all the rug rats or any foresaken offspring that you may have over there so they learn how to save now … so they aren’t asking for student loans when they graduate from high school.

Tenth – This is going to be a great public relations coup for the local Christian community. A local christian group is upset over the Ganesh statue at the Calgary Zoo… You know the one that’s been sitting there for 3 years now… Yup that one.

Eleventh – Just because… Just because.

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