The c.t.overdrive Still Likes Kanye Tuesday September 15, 2009

Alright, I have to pipe in on this one, because it’s essentially the biggest news on the net at the moment. (Please note my sarcasm in that comment)

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If you’ve read this web site for any time, you know how much I dig Kanye West. I admit it; I’m a huge fan of his. I love his music, read his blog religiously (ignoring most of his own CAPITAL LETTER commentary and really only using it as a source of design inspiration – because let’s face it it’s a great collection of music and design) and generally I’ve always appreciated his ridiculously all-encompassing Ego.

And while as a fan, I have to painfully admit he’s acted like complete fool on T.V. … On numerous occasions. We all know that he told everyone that George Dubbya hates black people and he’s already stormed one MTV Video Awards show to tell the world that Justice robbed his genius and then of course last night he drunkenly stormed on to stageblock a 16 year old Country Singer … Which in it’s own accord is a bit hysterical. Okay, maybe I should remove numerous occasions with a few dozen times.

It was totally a dick move by Kanye on Sunday. I won’t argue that one. But the amount of coverage this whole fiasco is getting is a bit insane. It’s not like it’s the first time that someone has stormed the stage at music award show in a drunken stupor (see Jarvis cocker at the ’96 Brit Awards) and it’s not like he climbed onstage to kick the crap out of Limp Bizkit (see YTIMK at the 2000 VMAs). And really is an enormous (and entertainingly stupid) Ego that big of a problem? It’s not like he was arrested for beating his 4th wife or even caught red-handed slapping up his girlfriend before the awards show. He got drunk … He did something slightlly embarrassing … on a boring Music Awards show … in front of millions of people … and stole the thunder of 16 year old girl, who’s going to sell even more records …

Does his stupidity warrant a complete boycott of his upcoming tour? Umm No. (There are far more important things in the world to boycott than an egotistical rapper) And it’s also not like he doesn’t know how stupid the move was or knows he’s perceived as a ridiculous ego (can you say This Pumpkin’s got CHAMPAGNE IN IT?). In my opinion, it’s his ridiculous EGO that makes him so entertaining. Would anyone be talking about Kanye if he didn’t have this plante devouring Ego? Musically, I don’t think we’d see him take the chances he’s taken. I don’t think Heartbreak and 808’s would have been released or a collaboration between him and Daft Punk … and I don’t think anyone would have seen his entertaining and over the top one man Space Oddity tour last year either.

So, when it’s all said and done, it was pretty dumb. In the grand scheme of life, it’s probably doesn’t deserve this much attention and the c.t.overdrive still likes Kanye.

Update: Kanye apologizes on Leno.

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I love his music too, but that was a dickhead move. Big ego or not have some decency. You can thank twitter and facebook for making something that wasn’t really big news into the most talked about topic.

Johnny Tran · Sep 15, 04:04 pm · #permalink


I know you like Kanye – and I’mma let you finish – but da Vinci was one of the the best geniuses of all time!

hobo4hire · Sep 17, 07:41 pm · #permalink



I totally have to agree. Kanye’s music is awesome and I’d a huge fan of most of what he does. But he clearly needs to get some help and deal with the fact his mother passed away. Something up there isn’t right. I wouldn’t be surprised if his upcoming tour gets cancelled.


Awesome. So awesome.

Top Kanye West Inttuption Paradoys

cto · Sep 18, 12:36 pm · #permalink

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