Random Thoughts For 55 Cadillac Friday September 18, 2009

Here’s an interesting article in the Guardian about Andrew W.K.‘s latest album – 55 Cadillac. Although Andrew W.K.‘s has never been mistaken for someone who mincing his words, reading between the lines reveals some of the reasoning behind Andrew WK’s sparce publicity over the past few years after the release of I Get Wet.

First – A strong and incredibly haunting photostream on flickr showing some of the ‘unique’ signage at the most recent Conservative/Tea Bag Rally against Obama in Washington D.C. (via. Mr. Jamie Rennie)

I’ll give them points for creativity, but take away 15,000 points for a combination of stupidity and historical inaccuracy.

Hell no! they even Got McLovin’!

Second – Let Kanye interrupt your Twitter Avatar.

Third – Ah…. Is there anything Overlord Obama can’t do? Dude’s a Jedi Master now. (via. Laughingsquid.com)

Fourth – It seems that the constant hatemail that Dooce receives has finally pushed her over the edge. In response she’s done what all web celebrities do and created a web site … a fantastic web site called Monitzing The Hate

Fifth – (via. kermitology) A collection of gig posters created by The Small Stakes. (P.S. I’d kill for the Modest Mouse Posters)

Sixth – Uberwine web site cork’d.com gets a massive maker over and it even has a business model.

Seventh – This is probably an old joke but … Kanye Intrupts my attempt at defending him on c.t.overdrive. (via. a slew of people on twitter)

With, that I’m officially putting to end of my Kanye jokes … for at least a week.

Eighth – An open letter to online shoe giant Zappos.com and their response to the critique.

To be honest although, I really do love Zappos’ response, but the main reason I personally won’t buy shoes at Zappos is because of their current design. I just don’t feel comfortable with it. It isn’t intuitive and although I know they are a major player in the online world, It still doesn’t instil confidence in their business and online transactions. Which is really ridiculous I know, but it’s the truth and it drives me nuts.

Ninth – For those interested, here’s more details on how close to death the Yellow Pages are. Just think about this, in five years not a single high school/elementary kids will understand what let your fingers do the walking means.

Tenth – How PBR has increased it’s market share via word of mouth and leveraging the Hipster Generation.

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