Random Thoughts For Colberta Friday September 11, 2009

This comes from sun columnist Dave Brekenridge & Duncan Kinney and I have no idea who started it up, but it’s pure comic genius – It’s the Campaign for Colberta:The Republic of Stephen Colbert.


Hey, it can’t be that much worse than what we already have. Plus he’s already even got the support of a local celebrity.

Update: The campaign even has a twitter account …and some local press.

First – Almost as good as last week’s ThisIsWhyYou’reFat.com; it’s PeopleofWalmart.com. Whil not as stomach turning as TIWYF, it is equally as hilarious. Here’s a great example, even if it is a bit risque and NSFW.

Second – Kanye West thinks you should listen to the Basement Jaxx’s track Scars … and I think he’s right. He also thinks you should listen to Kid Cudi … but I’m not sure if he’s right on that one yet.

Third – With the upcoming Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF), if you suddenly find yourself asking – Why isn’t the Uptown Theatre involved in the festivities? Well here’s your answer (via. FFWD & Jeremy Klaszus)

Fourth10 of the Most Obscenely Stupid Overlord Obama Conspiracy Theories … (p.s. I added the Overlord part) (via. Shannon Smith

Fifth – SuperheroHype has a photos of the two new female leads for Ironman 2: Iron Harder

Ah shit! that’s not a woman that’s Mickey Rourke…

Sixth – Eboyz.com ()which subsquently has nothing to do with Ebay.com, but is way better now sells these killer kid’s Ts

Seventh – Google & Hasbro launched the world’s largest online game of Monopoly in the world earlier this week. The idea was to create a massive online board game where you could buy up the entire world….Unfortunatly, it was far more popular than anyone expected and the entire site crashed for several days.

Eighth – Here’s a portfolio of some of the best commercial photoshop work I’ve seen in a while. It’s Chuck Anderson’s Portfolio

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