Beatlemania: 2009 Edition Wednesday September 9, 2009

Confession: I’ve never been a huge Beatles fan.

I’ve always understood how important the Beatles were in the grand scheme of music, but up until recently I have never been a fan of the Beatles music. Chalk it up to my tendency to cheer for the underdog and my distain for the popular, or my ignorance, or whatever; but for the most part I’ve always hated the Beatles. Fortunately, all of that has changed. Large in part due to old age, maturation and that clichéd All Across The Universe Movie which came out a couple of years ago.

Anyways, today is a huge day in what will be forever known as the massive Beatles revival of 2009. All of the Beatles original catalogue of records have been remastered on CD today and in conjunction, Rockband:Beatle has been released. So to celebrate, I thought I would share this link that was passed on by a future cousin in-law.

It’s Chuck Klosterman’s take on the entire Beatles catalogue.

Even the most casual consumers will be overwhelmed by the level of invention and the degree of change displayed over their scant eight-year recording career, a span complicated by McCartney’s tragic 1966 death and the 1968 addition of Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono, a woman so beloved by the band that they requested her physical presence in the studio during the making of Let It Be.

So before all you kiddies go out and buy up Beatles Rockband, make sure you get the low-down on the entire history of the Beatles from our good friend charles.

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