The Wonderful World of Fonts Thursday September 3, 2009

Still smiling from spending $200 on fonts last night, but quietly shaking my head at the fact I spend $200 on fonts last night. From Tuesday Sept 1st

I seem to make similar comments to this every few months.

They usually come around the time I fork over a huge chuck of corporation funds on fonts. Typically, my thought process will go like this. Awesome, that font is going to look wicked hahd on my new project then it quickly turns into wow! I just spent 150 on a font….What…has…my…life….become.

It’s a ridiculous song and dance that I doubt will ever end. A fact that my fiancée has started to loath. But as I become more accustomed to this routine, I am slowly really appreciating the art of the Type (and unfortunatly the cost of good type). There is something about discovering a new font and implementing it in a new project, that gets my bottom lip quivering.

Anyways, I have two links regarding fonts that you might find interesting. One is from the Argentinean Type Foundry collective called Sudtipos. You may be familiar with some of their worked as most are featured by (and also appears in dozens of my own projects).

This is stunning type! For people looking into getting into Web Design or Graphic Design, my advice would be to purchase 1-2 of their fonts. You’ll find you’re creativity flourishes a bit more with solid type.

The second link comes from Andy of NonImage fame. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve posted this before, but it’s for the IQ font that was developed with the use of a Car.

It’s a crazy video that gives a great understanding of how Type is created. It’s also entertaining to watch the little Toyota spin around circles and try to guess what letter they’re creating.

iQ font – When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.


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