Random Thoughts For A New Book Friday September 4, 2009

Indulge with me for a second. (imagine Duncan Kinney and myself on the top of a boat, spilling champagne on the bow of the boat while flashing bling with T-Pain!)


Alright, now that’s out of the way. The first copies of the yycPhotobook project have arrived. The photo is a bit spotty, but it gives you an idea of how they turned out. More info on this will be coming up soon.

First – The hot new iPhone app Foursquare is finally launching in Canada … Unfortuantly they are only launching the app in Vancouver.

If rumours are true, Foursquare is going to make Twitter look sooooo 2008. So in the grand spectrum of all things social media, this is huge. In the grand spectrum of your day-to-day life this is inconsequential … at best.

SecondCBS News does a piece on The Impossible Project (via Grant Hutchinson)

Third – Here are dozens of reasons why the great Overlord Obama was named the Top Marketer for 2009.

Fourth – The Bible in LOLCatz language

Exodus 2 in LOLCatz – 6. An teh baby cryd, an Princess wuz liek whoah. A Hebruw. An he iz teh cute 2. WANT!!!!!!!!!

Fifth – I’m sorry, but the previous link could be the single lamest thing I’ve ever posted on my Random Thoughts.

Sixth – From Hugh Briss It seems a new job title is emerging for businesses all over North America. This new title is of course the Professional Tweeter. Now before you scoff, and say that’s something ridiculous and will never come to Calgary. I’ve been professionally tweeting for a project for the past 3 months.

Seventh – Roommate Phil posted this classic Craigslist missed connection – You Threw Your lit Cigarette at my Face outside Starbucks … So awesome and so priceless. Boston FTW!

Eighth – Finally! Finally! Finally someone has found a way to describe one of most primal issues our society has to contend with on a daily basis … unless you happen to be a woman … Yes, xkcd.com explains The Urinal Equation in the form of a comic book. (via. laughingsquid)

Ninth – More social media links, but this one comes from Mr. Hagedorn – Who else is checking you out online? That’s right the TAXCOLLECTOR!

Tenth – And the final post of the week (and subsequently another Social Media/News article) is an interesting article from the CBC on Web 2.0 vs. News 2.0 and what’s going to happen next in Canada.

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