Don't Be A Debbi! Monday August 24, 2009

A couple of years ago, I placed an add for a temporary roommate on Craigslist. It was during the height of this city’s housing crunch and dozens of people responded. I had to do a dramatic interview process with a bunch of people. After two days of ridiculous roommate interviews and dozens of sob stories, I settled on a roommate … Who I happily refer to as Roommate Phil.

I love Phil like a little brother. I always feel guilty that the poor guy had to live with me during what was the darkest five months of my life. But it turned out an awesome experience and we always keep in touch. When he comes breezing into town to recuperate from his misadventures, we try and meet for coffee. I’ve dropped the ball on that for the past little while, but it’s always a pleasure to see him. Anyways…

Well this time around he’s in Calgary for a bit before heading off to Tokyo and Korea, but in the mean time he’s launched a blog. This blog is called Don’t Be a Debbi and it’s Alaska FAB-uolous.

Don't Be A Debbi

Don’t Be A Debbi, is roommate Phil to a T. Hysterical, surreal and filled with an elaborate and entertaining view on society. One that you can’t but smile when you read it. Some parts of Don’t Be A Debbi, might be somewhat risque and offensive to some, but it’s hilarious in a way that I can’t even begin to describe.

So anyways.. Don’t Be a Debbi

Hurray! The blogosphere is going to be introduced to the world of “Don’t Be A Debbi!” This is a fantastic day, in which I can shed a tear and fondle my cheek and say “I did it. I really did it” Kudos me. To celebrate, I think I’ll post a video of another person with dreams: A wannabe stripper pole-dancing to The Knife in her DIY strip club living room. She has a dream too. All she wants is someone to pull her away and whisper in her ear, “Shoot for the moon, but aim for the stars!” – taken from the original Don’t Be a Debbi Blog Post.

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