Random Thoughts For An Upgrade To The Polaroid Experiment Friday August 21, 2009

I’m sorry, but this is a pretty crazy offer.

So crazy in fact, that I might have to upgrade The Polaroid Experiment … ha… ha…. I’m just shitting you. I don’t have 327 US dollars for it, but it is freaking cool.

It’s a TazManian Devil Polaroid Camera

yes, for 327 US dollars, you can have one of 10 Tazmanian Devil Polaroids with accompanying Looney Tunes film. Brilliant, absolutetly brilliant.

First – 8 Agricultural/Food inventons that will change the way we eat. Great article, but I can’t accept it as reality because of one glaring oversite. Where’s Soylent Green on this list? Hmmm. Answer that one mr. Scientist guy. (via. Halcyon”:http://twitter.com/halcyon_and_on/status/3389784119)

Second – This article on the U.S. Health Care Reform debacle is decent, but the real killer is this one liner that sums up the U.S. Health Care reform topic … And I don’t mean killer as in The Proposed Grandma Kill Committees.

[It’s now the]… The Obama Party vs. The Fox Party

ThirdThe classic Cereal Mascot Reunion Painting (via laughingsquid)

Fourth – Why I can’t wait for the end of the Sun Media Corp to come – New Team Canada Jerseys too Native for our [produly multiculutral] country

Fifth – Here’s 50 ways to ruing your career on Twitter. Quiet frankly, if you’re sleeping with your boss you’re envitably going to ruin your career anyways, so I think Twiter’s just doing you a service by speeding the process up.

Sixth – I think the emo/american appaeral photgraph makes this T-shirt for me.

Seventh – It’s a nerdy article, but here’s a bunch of design flaws from the StarWars Trilogy. Great article, but I still can’t find anyone to explain why Chewbacca carried around a crossbow … that shot lasers.

Eighth – The pure awesomeness of this T-Shirt needs to be addressed by all that love T-Shirts. DesignByHumans – SOS Strawberry Flavour (via. The Great Mr. Doug Hagerdon)

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