Leave Your Job. Start An Agency. Wednesday August 19, 2009

So again, for what is probably the 30th time on this web site I have to apologize. I have been one hell of a bad blogger.

In case you were wondering rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated… again.

So if you’re wondering what has been up, well besides saving cash, spamming facebook and getting into hillbilly trouble on the old man river damn, here’s a run down on the outside work going on in the world of c.t.overdrive… It’s essentially my list of excuses.

1) Leave Your Job. Start An Agency – A couple of months ago, Alex of Bitfyre fame sent some of the SXSW posse an email regarding potentially submitting a panel for SXSW 2010. One thing led to another and here we are pimping out panel Leave Your Job. Start An Agency

We’re hoping that we’ll be able to sneak in there and provide a more down-to-earth advice on how to start an agency, from four unique perspectives. We know not every agency is going to be Courdal and not every freelancer is going to turn in to a Jeffery Zeldman*, so we hope that people latch on to our more down-to-earth spin on the process and give us a thumbs up. If anything, it’ll be entertaining.

If you do have a moment please log on and give our panel a vote!

2) yycPHOTOBOOK – yes, the yycPhotobook project is in full swing with the final draft of the book only a couple of days away. Some may have recieved a slew of emails and posts about it on facebook, but the launch is schedule for Sept 18th, 2009. The procceds of the sale and the launch party will go towards Brown Bag It, a local non-profit that helps provide lunches for kids. If you’re intrested in attending hit up the yycPhotobook Facebook Page for more details.

3) A Certain Wedding Web Site – Yes, it’s coming and hopefully, with fingers crossed, it will become the proto-type for a new Armadillo venture into customized wedding web sites with a social media tinge. All I’ve got to do is build a name, a brand and a web site…

4) Other Armadillo Stuff – Besides, the usual stream of web sites, I’ve also been asked to help build an online community for a local organization in the city. It’s been a great project and the responce on my involvement has been extremly positive. Thank you to the group of people who gave me a hand in getting it up and running, you guys are awesome.

5) The ctoverdrive Book Club – Yes, I know I’ve neglected it, but it is still in the works. So for the four people, who read that post, expect to see #4 and #3 in the near future.

… So that’s a bit of an update. I do promise to get back on top of things once the Calendar turns to September… and the wedding plans pish in to overdrive.

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