Let's Play a Game... Monday May 15, 2006

One of these articles is fake. I’ll let you guys decided.

First – Rollingstone magazine notes that George Duba is in the running for the title of Worst President in American History. The most surprising thing about this article is the fact that there are situtations where Historians actually get paid. (I’m kidding by the way)

Second – On May 8th the BBC interviewed the wrong technology expert. Instead of interviewing Guy Kewney (A skinny blond technology nerd) about the fallout from the Apple vs. Apple court case, they interviewed a rather large French taxi driver.

Third – Steve Nash calls his second NBA MVP title a sick joke I’m short, white, and Canadian. Ha, ha really fucking funny. You sick bastards.

Fourth – I could sink to a new low and point out that there were two stabbings on Whyte Trash Mile, but it’s pretty obvious those stabbing had nothing to do with real hockey fans. So I’ll let Edmonton Fans off the hook with that one. But not even I could let this pass without a comment. Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun thinks the Oilers are one win a way from raising a banner. Terry, Terry, Terry! At least pretend you’ve been watching hockey since the NHL disbanded the Smyth division. Nobody gets a banner for making it to the third round anymore.

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The funny thing is that there are two stabbings a night in Edmonton, it is only news when Calgary has nothing negative about the game to concentrate on. Those stabbings are what make the Oilers so tough and the Flames a bunch of panzies walking the green mile.

Scott · May 15, 09:22 pm · #permalink


that guy on BBC is hilarious. i love his face when he hears them introduce him as Guy Kewney. amazing.

kristin · May 16, 09:43 am · #permalink

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