FriendFeed gets Gobbled Up Tuesday August 11, 2009

Half of you won’t care or find this funny, but the 3 or 4 people in the web industry will appreciate this. Remember that Hitler reacts to Canucks missing the playoffs I posted a couple of years ago, well it’s an official internet meme now and it’s taken on a new life.

On Monday, news broke that FriendFeed (what many considered to be the heir to the Facebook/Twitter throne) was gobbled up by Facebook. It’s the social media equivalent of Britney Spears devouring Miley Cyrus to over take Lindsay Lohan for the title of sloppiest Hollywood celebrity.

Anyways, when news like that breaks what are you going to do? Rework a popular internet meme. So I present Hitler reacts to the FriendFeed Acquisition.

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