Why Your Business Model is Dying... Wednesday August 5, 2009

Caitlin forwarded me on this link from Perez Hilton, not because I dig the gossip rags (albeit Laniey Gossip is something of a cultural phenomena), but because I’m a huge Modest Mosue fan. I also dig Heather Ledger – even if his best work was A Knight’s Tale.

Either way, how cool is it that Modest Mouse’s latest track is an animated short by the late Heath Ledger. Pretty cool eh. You’d think that something like this would be great promotional vehicle for a record company.

Dead Actor, Popular Band, New music video. A prime viral video for the masses … Well just take a listen at the video below.

What? You don’t hear anything?

Don’t worry your speakers aren’t dead and you don’t need to upgrade Firefox. It turns out that Sony has disable the audio track for this video until The Rat is officially released as a single. (check out the YouTube page for a better explanation)

Yes, they have pretty much blown a great opportunity to get one of the most popular bands some great buzz … by forcing them to release a soundless Music Video. Yes, think about it for a second. A soundless Music Video … This is reason number 4,034,164 why the music industry is dying a slow and painful death.

I understand that you want to control when music is released and how people purchase it, but as a company you have to be flexible. It would have been so easy to leverage this video into sales. So Simple! All you’d need to do is add a neat little iTunes (or what ever phony MP3 service that you’re trying to shove down the throats of your remaining customers) link and there you go. Instant sales…

Wow. It’s shocking to think about the stupidity of this industry.

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