Random Thoughts For An Embarrassing Item on The Bucket List Friday July 31, 2009

I’m not going to lie, but the San Diego Comic Con, in all its inconceivable Nerdom is one of things I would always love to experience before I die. I’m a fairly decent sized Comic/Pop-culture Nerd, but I’m not a Twi-Hard or a Star Trek doofus, but I love my Spiderman, my G.I. Joe, My Ironman, My Evil Dead and some other random comicbooks and toys I grew up on. So seeing the all-out-nerdom of San Diego’s Comic Con would be amazing – in one of those surreal experiences that you’d have to see kinda way.

Hell, just to say I did it I’d even dress up as Cobra Trooper … But not as bad as these guys

If you want a good understanding of the ridiculousness of Comic Con – Check out Poploser’s link to 600 costumes from Comic Con. (Be sure to check out his choice for loser’s of the conference … Far too priceless)

First – A graphical illustration of The Coca-Cola wordmark vs. The Pepsi wordmark over time via Reserves & NonImage

Second From her majesty the Queen of the Blogs Dooce – YOU’RE A F#HKING OCTOPUS! WHY AREN’T YOU SWIMMING?!

Third – Surprisingly, the first really funny post from the Flamesnation Blog on How Sutter has played the entire NHL like utter fools this summer.

Fourth – If you’re an Islanders fan in Long Island on the 4th of August, there is a call to arms to get the LightHouse Project approved by city council – thus keeping the Islanders on Long Island (via. BDGallof)

Fifth G.I.Joe ….. So that’s what the other half was (via. laughingsquid.com).

Sixth – Did you know that there is a video game called Fat Princess for the PS3 that’s been released?

I didn’t, but it looks like an amazing game. You control Wizards, Knights and Workers in a mini capture the flag sort of game to save/protect your kingdom’s Princess … But the key tactic of the game is that you can fatten up your princess to make her too heavy for your opponents to carry.

Seventh – With all the discussion on the Peace Bridge in the City , Here’s a 3-D rendering of what Calgary’s skyline will look like when the East Village, Bow and the Peace Bridge are done. (Please note the giant canopy bridge should be replaced with the Red Chinese Finger Trap Bridge). (via. I_Q)

Eighth – I really don’t have any street-cred to say this, but the Hoola & Dollas Blog is fantastic. I’ve been checking in on a somewhat regular basis and it blows my mind all the underground Arts and Hip-hop events that are going down in the city that I don’t hear about. So Kudos to the team at Mint Design for their work with this site.

Ninth – I have to post this great Oiler story from today’s Edmonton Sun – Enough grovelling already.

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