Deadmonotomania Sunday May 14, 2006

Pictures from the Cryptos show at the Castle. I’m no Ben Watts or David LeChapelle, but I did try and captured the vibe of the show. . Unfortunately I was pinned at the back of the Castle with a couple pints of Guinness and some friends. Some of the photos didn’t turn out too bad, but there just wasn’t enough light for a decent shot. Anyways it was another fantastic show by the Cryptos. They’re head out east for a couple of gigs in ontario and blotto-wa. Then they are back in Calgary on the 23rd of June for another round in the Castle.

Crypto in Castleland Crypto in Castleland Crypto in Castleland Crpyto in Castleland

On a sidenote, Friday night I fell of the wagon. Turns out I now handle four pints of Guinness about as well as a 9th grade Japanese School Girl. So for the first time in 65 days I woke up with a hangover. It was a great evening, but I was drunk none-the-less. I promised that I wasn’t going to lie about my attempts to stop drinking. So the count ends at 65 days and offically starts a new.


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