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Random Thoughts For The Triumphiant Return of the Kool-Aid Man Friday July 24, 2009

Epic news in the world of beverages this week … The Kool-aid man has returned

No longer banished to the world of mocking t-shirts and funny web pictures, The Kool-aid man is back from a 10 year hiatus. So to celebrate, I thought I’d showcase the Kool-aid man clip that catapulted the Family Guy to fame.

First – I’ll steal a line from Twitter, but this must be a joke – The Web site for the new Manhattan Airport Development society (via AMcDonald)

Second – Two interesting technological/web debates seem to be shifting to new industries. First it’s the horrible (but some what necessary) practice of spec design has moved to the world of animation and CGI graphics with Live Music. (can’t remeber the source, but please do contact me)

Third – And next, the font world is set to run into the Music Industry’s Napster/DRM debate with the introduction of Web Friendly Fonts. (via. Type overlord Grant Hutchinson)

Fourth – If any non-nerds are still reading after those two links, you now have all my respect.

Fifth – Wow, this is turning into a nerd-tacular random thoughts. Anyways, the City of Calgary has a approved a motion to become more open. From a quick glance it doesn’t mean more open in a Clay Aiken kinda way, but open, as in open access to data collected by the city. Which doesn’t really seem like a bold step, but once the various applications like Bus Stop Apps, Traffic Apps and Crime Maps start popping up, we’ll all be thankful for this information.

SixthNice T-Shirt

Seventh – A linked article I posted on the new c.t.overdrive Tumblr Blog about No More Employees or Employeers.

EighthAn even better shirt.

Ninth – Apparently … Well according to an online TIME pool – Jon Stewart is America’s Most Trusted News Anchor

Tenth – Wow. Apparently, I’m missing out on a whole spectrum of wicked t-shirts as Poploser has found this golden treasure – Darth Kanye.

Elventh – Ummm… Awkward … Japenses men who love 2-D inatimate Anime objects and the imaginary girlfriends who adore them.

Twelvth – Alright, my one-sided fued with Asher Roth is officially over. Much respect for understanding that his satire on college life isn’t really being understood by the drunken frat boy masses and River’s ode to his Alcholic Father wasn’t the best sample.

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Font world? They’re really running out of ideas for theme parks these days…

It’s a sans serif after all!

hobo4hire · Jul 24, 11:51 pm · #permalink


Wowie. Travis. Wow.

That was so bad it hurt, but so good that it was awesome. I will never look at fonts the same way again.

cto · Jul 25, 08:35 am · #permalink

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