Random Thoughts For The Weekend & Esthero Friday July 17, 2009

So last night, will watching So You Think You Dance, I couldn’t help but marvel at how lame different the Black Eyed Peas are now. Let me rephrase that, I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous Will.i.am looks.

It got me thinking. More specifically, it got me reminiscing about the time in my early adult life when all I would listen to was the BEP’s, Jurrasic 5, Old School Tribe Called Quest Records and The Beastly Brothers. Remeber that time? When there was a movement to have conscious hip-hop and the Black Eyed Peas were leading the charge.

Wow, times have changed.

So to celebrate what could have been, here’s The Black Eyed Peas’s Classic Weekend without Fergie-ferg and instead the sultry voice of Canada’s own Esthero.

First – To continue on from a previous Random Thoughts. You Put Your PABST BLUE RIBBON IN IT!

Second – Edmonton’s Twitter elite help to rally a movement against the inner city’s dying Airport or the Scooby-Doish headline of How those twitter punks from the Westside managed to foil Old Man Nichol’s bid to keep the Old City Centre Airport alive.

Third – It looks like Mr. Scarlett Johansson, aka. Used to be Mr. Alanis Morisette, has been cast as the Green Lantern. I recommend that we stop calling him Mr. Scarlett Johansson and just call him Default Superhero. What does he have under his belt now, Deadpool, The Guy From Blade, Green Lantern and apparently they want him to be the Flash.

Fourht – Stunning Hawaii photography from our wedding Photographer Mr. Johnny Tran

FifthA great article about city council’s brewing ineptness... In particular a certain Alderman Connelly who, and I’m stealing this quote from the article itself, is in a race to dethrone Rob Anders and Ron Liepert as Most Embarrassing West Side Politician. Freaking Priceless and quiet shocking that one man with so much power could be so inept.

Oh wait, it’s municipal politics. The place where third rate politicians go to thrive.

Sixth – Interesting Read from Wendy on What’s Next For Social Medievalists, Pros, Leaches, Masters etc., … Or whatever they are called nowadays

A very impressive article.

Seventh – Director Wes Anderson breaks down his perfect playlist and breakdown the soundrack to every single Wes Anderson Movie (via. kottke )

Eighth – Hmmm, I guess ThisRecording.com is a pretty solid web site. Here’s another article from their sidebar and recommendation list, it’s Top 50 Tracks of 2009.

So if you’re looking to make a hot summer soundtrack there you go. And if you’re like me and trying to Justify your pop culture street cred you know have a handy resource to impress the kids.

Ninth – By the way, if you haven’t heard Calgary is getting it’s very fist Co-Working Space in the city. Not Familiar with Co-Working spaces, essentially they are reasonably priced Clubhouses for Freelancers and Independents.

Fingers crossed, Armadillo Studios will be occupying one of those desks in the near future.

Tenth – By the way, this Timbuk2 napsack makes me fahking swoon.

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