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Papa Overdrive Sunday July 5, 2009

See, I never thought this would happen. Actually, when I got the friend request on facebook almost two months ago I pretty much tumbled off my stool.

But yes, like dozens before me, I’ve started coming to terms with the fact that my parents are on facebook. In particular, papa overdrive.

Yes, so I’m now one of many early adapters of the Web 2.0 networks that is struggling with the fact that the simplicity and ease of networking online … also means that my parents can do it too. So the anonymity I once enjoyed is now slipping away. Not that I really post anything to dramatic on facebook anymore. But still, it’s still odd to see your parents updating their status or conversing with their friends.

So rather than fighting the inveitable, I think it’s better to embrace it. So internet, welcome papa overdrive.

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