Random Thoughts For The Failing Creepy King Friday July 3, 2009

So apparently, Burger King’s Creepy King campaign isn’t going so well.

Well that is what the pundits want you to believe.

Because no one could possibly sell burgers with a giant creepy mascot that steals your girlfriend, sleeps in your bed and hunts you down in the street. Oh and also they want you to believe that the whole remove ten friends and get a whopper Facebook application wasn’t a good strategy … Although Burger King’s third place sitting in the fast food world has nothing to do with their horrible coffee, bad value meals, disgusting crack filled restaurants, horrible toys for kids and horrible, horrible burgers…Nah blame the King.

If this means the end of The Creepy King, it is going to be a sad day for all.

First – A pretty decent write-up on that big famous Pop Star who passed away last Friday. You know the one with the Monkey and the skeleton of the Elephant Man. (Actually, in all seriousness, it’s a pretty solid little epitaph)

Second – The foils of Twitter. A sad little story that continues from last week’s NHL Draft where Landon Ferraro (My predicted first rounder for the Flames) was given a Twitter account to record the joy and jubilation of being selected in the first round … Too bad nobody told one of the other 30 GMs what the plan was.

Third – Via the LaughingSquid Blog – Pepsi’s attempt to recover from the Emoticon redesign debacle.

FourthNeil Cameron’s A-Z of Awesomeness … ‘nuff said.

Fifth – Again from Laughing Squid (and also via. spincity.org) Jeff Goldblum interrupts the Colbert Report to confirm that he is not a zombie dead.

Sixth – A quick and dirty visual representation for Coffee Drinkers (via. Adam Wagner)

Seventh – A great example of Twitter’s power as a customer relations tool. I write a blog post on the corporation’s web site about WestJet embracing Twitter and a missed opportunity. Not a mere six minutes later, A response is give and a correction is made to the blog.

Eighth – Have you ever started to wonder why you’re ex’s family members are popping-up on Facebook? MSNBC reveals why a small Facebook algorithm change has created so many awkward moments. (via stejules)

Ninth – Ahhh, a T-Shirt that brings back memories of my Childhood.

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