Monday June 29, 2009

Domo Arigoto, Mr.

Alright, that was bad. I apologize for that.

I’m sure everyone and their dog has made that joke since went live a couple of months ago. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago a link to kept popping up around the designer groups I stalk. Like any curious (wannabe-in-the-know) person I had a quick look at it.

Essentially is a new product/web application from ParticleBrand a small San Francisco development company. In it’s simpilest form it’s a cool little online video calling card. One that allows users to produce a 4-5 second clip from their web cam and allows them to publish their status to Twitter, Facebook and also other GeoLocational apps. To make that much cooler it also displays your recent photos on Flicker. Which pretty much covers the trifecta of social sites for any online persona at the moment.

So it’s essentially a little online social media hub. You can check out my profile at or if you’re too lazy to click on anything here’s a little example of a my most recent update.

It seems pretty gimmicky at the moment, but something about this tells me that it has some strong potential in the future. I could feasibly see it as a landing place for personal use. Instead of passing out business cards with fifteen different contact links and account handles, it seems that one simple link will allow people to find all the info they need about you.

Either way, give a whirl.

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a “smoking monkey” as my personal gift to you.

darkmanyluk · Jun 30, 12:49 pm · #permalink


I rest my case….

Damn, I thought that was a figure of speech.

cto · Jul 2, 11:20 am · #permalink

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