Random Thoughts For Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee Friday June 19, 2009

This little stop motion clip is too priceless to not post. Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee – one minute of pure awesomeness.

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

Stupid weird hobbits.

First – This is a great example of someone blowing a small issue into something it doesn’t need to be. Controversy swirls around Sled Island posters promoting indie darlings Holy Fuck.

Considering how many posters are plaster over this city with Tequila tub girls wearing barely nothing, this is a bit ridiculous.

Second – To Mr. David Frew with love – Jon + Kate Plus Divorce … If you’re curious here’s a previous post on the subject.

Third – So that’s what really happened to landmark McNally Robinson store in the Downtown core.

FourthA stunning retro X-men t-shirt.

Fifth – After yesterday’s post about the chaos in Iran and twitters transformation, Fastcompany.com has take on the Darker side of the Twitter and how it could be used for pure Evil. insert evil laughter here.

Sixth – Dooce has a baby and then proceeds to encapsulate all the reasons why labour sucks... not like I have any experience in giving birth.

Seveth – More solid stop motion animation from Patrick Boivin this time it’s Bumble Bee thorws it down.

Eighth – Hot on the heals of Evil Dead the Musical extending it’s stay for two more weeks, it’s an epic Army of Darkness T-shirt.

Ninth – I hate to admit this, but I’m really starting to dig The Ting Tings. I know, I know this means I know have the musical tastes of a 13 year old girl.

Tenth – By the way in case some of you are unfamiliar with the band that stirred up all the controversy with Sled Island and also on Parliament Hill – This is Holy F###.

(Side note: Calgary giant Chad VanGaalen directed this music video)

Eleventh – And last but not least, yes Virginia it’s true. Calgary will be holding one of the two Outdoor Classics at McMahon stadium on New Years day.

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