Frightened Rabbit Tuesday June 9, 2009

Being that it’s a Tuesday morning and Sled Island 2009 is around the corner, I’m in a bit of an indie mood. So I thought I’d share one of the bands that I’ve had stuck in my playlist for the past little while.

Selkirk, Scotland’s own Frightened Rabbit. Andy of NonImage fame got me absolutely hooked on these guys and they are really spectacular. A mix between Neil Young and Blue Rodeo. Such a fantastic little band.

And I know I’ve pimped the site before, but Offthebeatentracks pulled one hell of a coup by getting lead singer Scott Hutchinson to showcase one of their newest songs for their project. So sit back and enjoy some great music.

Episode #5.1: Frightened Rabbit – “Be Less Rude” from Off The Beaten Tracks on Vimeo.

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