Milo vs. H. R. Giger Thursday June 11, 2009

Over the weekend, I watch Aliens for the umpteenth time to celebrate my birthday. At the same time I also worked like f@#$ing madman on Corporation stuff. And while multi-tasking in my pajamas, I realized something … The Company’s Logo (like pretty much most of my design work) is a total rip off of H.R. Giger’s most famous creation.

Armadillo Vs. Aliens

Well, maybe the term rip-off is a bit harsh. More like heavily influenced. But there is no denying that Milo (The corps mascot) looks eerily similar to Giger’s Alien creation.

If anything this goes along way in showing how life influences one’s vision. If you’ve known me for a while, Aliens has been a part of my personality and sub conscious for a while. As kids we all were able to quote line for line that movie as it was the epitome of coolness. Marines, Aliens, Harsh Language, Cyborgs, Acid, Nuclear Explosions, Gushing bodily fluids. What more could kids want in a movie.

So some 20 odd years later it’s neat to be able to look back at the odd correlation between my career aspirations and a cherished childhood memory.

Clarification: Sorry, I should actually clarify something first. Milo wasn’t designed by myself, rather the look and feel was by Rob Machida. The idea and concept came from me, but it was Robbie’s amazing design work that created Milo.

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