Random Thoughts For Coke vs. Cork Friday June 12, 2009

The Republic of Ireland’s second largest city is Cork.

It’s also happens to be the place where I’ve lived for over a year of my life and where the obnoxious part of my family is from. So stumbling upon a pixelated eBoyz poster of Cork for Coca-Cola … is in one word … purely magical … damn that was two words.

Such a stunning rendition and the best part, is that I can name some of the key landmarks. Including Turner’s Cross home of Cork City FC.

First – Yes, the irony of Cork’s main football stadium being named Turner’s Cross isn’t lost on me at all.

SecondTop Ten things that need a good redesign (via. someoneIcan’trecall)

Third – The best part about this new Timbuk2 messenger is that it holds your Pabst Blue Ribbon in it).

Fourth – There’s a SNL joke in there …

Fifth – This could be the worst logo ever. (via. gaksdesigns) … so much awkwardness.

Sixth – The new PepsiRAW in the U.K. has a twitter account on the label … Very smooth move Pepsi, very smooth move. This almost makes up for the Emoticon redesign disater of 2008-09. (via HughBriss)

Seventh – Oddly enough, I found this gem via CalgaryRealtor. It’s the new movie Moon from David Bowie’s son

Eighth – There’s a Space Oddity joke in there … But it’s just too obvious.

Ninth – Sled Island’s pass selection and ticket information is now available.

Repeat after me … Monotonix! MONOtonix! MONOTONIX!

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