Random Thoughts For The Konami Code Sunday May 31, 2009

Or what is most commonly referred to as the Contra Code.

The Contra Code

So what happens when thousands of kids memorize a ridiculous Nintendo code and grow up to be big time web developers? Well, they start utilizing that same code as an Easter Egg to shoot dancing unicorns or sun flares into their web sites.

Yes, I kid you not. There is a new trend that has been gaining a lot of coverage recently and that is big name web sites with Konami code EasterEggs embedded in them. (via TrendDown Blog)

From ESPN to Facebook to Digg, all of these site have special little surprise waiting for you once you enter in the Contra code. And now there is a web site that tracks all of these participating sites called konamicodesites.com … Unfortunately, you’ve got enter in the code to get in.

First A great article about the Memorial Cup winning Windsor Spitfires. (via. poploser) One of the saddest most heartstring-pulling stories you’ll ever read.

Second – Cadence Weapon has been anointed the Poet Laureate of Edmonton (via djkelly). Not only does he get a cool $5,000, but I suspect eh also gets a cool freaking mullet scepter.

ThirdWHO doesn’t want to party with this T-Shirt on!

Party Animal - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Fourth – Alistapart.com has a great article on web designer/developer/creative burnout (via. splorp)

If you’re working 50 or more hours a week, cut that number to the bare minimum. If possible, use up your sick days, work from home one day a week, and take a vacation or a leave of absence to give yourself the time needed to decompress, reflect, and reconnect. Sabbaticals are gaining acceptance in our industry, and even one day outside of your normal routine can help prevent burnout or get on the right track to push through it.
The point being: take yourself out of the problem for as long as you can realistically afford to.

Fifth – A T-Shirt that even the great Kurt Russel and Uncle Chu can get behind.

Sixth – Need to find Pancakes during Stampede … There’s an app for that. (via. killingmichael)

Seventh – Need to burn Heathens at the stake to exercise demons in Salem, Massachusetts … There’s an app for that

Eighth I’m not going to lie to you people, but if you click on the link coming up you’re going to start reading The Soup’s online blog and watching their videos. Then you’re going to download the Video Podcast and get hooked. Then you’re going to watch said Video Podcasts on the train on your way to work. Then you’re going to join me in laughing hysterically on the train at 7:00 in the morning so I don’t look like a maniac.

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