Jon & Kate + 8 Monday May 25, 2009

I’ll give you all a second to wrap your head around this, but I’m going to talk about Jon and Kate Plus eight and why anyone (besides mommy blogs) would be enthralled by the season premiere.

Okay. Is everyone good now? Yes, I know, I’ve lost allsorts of streetcred with this post.

So I’ve enjoyed watching Jon & Kate + Plus 8. I’ve enjoyed it for quite sometime. Now, it’s not because Caitlin and I are planning on being an offspring producing factory anytime soon (LOL. If you thinks so, you really don’t know us at all) or because we have a sick fantasy of laughing at people trying to clean dirty diapers. Rather, I’ve always enjoyed watching the Goslings because there was a unique sense of normalcy within their insane relationship.

Yes, the way they bickered. The way they dealt with situations as best they could. The way the kids drove them nuts. It was all relatable, real and somewhat comforting. In comparison, to the TLC’s plethora of other multiple baby shows, this family felt normal. The Goslings sure as hell didn’t come off as a religious cult. (And I don’t think we’ve ever watched an episode trying to determine which of the 8 kids would rebel, get pregnant and/or go into rehab).

Jon & Kate was a welcome reprieve from the everyday. It was nice to see a normal couple dealing with issues, albeit at an exponential level, that we could potentially deal with in the future. Plus the sextuplets are pretty cool; that kid Joel is totally going to be one hell of a lady slayer.

But all that has changed with these allegations and watching the show now, is almost surreal. The news of their relationship disintegration has left me feeling a little let down. It’s akin to the way you feel when a close friends fall apart in front of you. It’s a bit like, Well f#$# me if they can’t make it what hope does anyone else have?

It’s a shame, because what was once a reassuring blanket of pop culture goodness is now tainted. Where we would once watch and say, See other people can drive each other bonkers or That’s so us! or See, I’m not the only one that’s put a diaper on backwards; we now catch ourselves saying She totally drove him to it! or Look at how snarky she is?

So, to answer the intial question; yes, the majority of the viewers tonight will be Mommy bloggers, but there is going to be a slew of non-mommy bloggers like myself watching the Jon + Kate Season opener tonight… and like myself, I have a feeling a good portion of them won’t have ovaries.

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I used to LOVE Jon and Kate. I was OBSESSED. But, yes, it’s getting to a point where… paparazzi?! That is NOT safe for the kids. And here they are being even MORE exposed on this show. I’ve blogged about it a few times, haha.

Also, Jon and Kate should just shut up because I really like to watch the cute little kids. And sometimes I go “Awwww.” And at the same time I say “No kids for me for quite a while!” :D

Aisling · May 25, 07:57 pm · #permalink


I for one, watched it. What did they expect was going to happen? Like Biggie once said, “mo money, mo problems”.

Having said that, I do feel really bad for them. I think they are doomed. They are so distant right now its insane. Their body language says it all.

Johnny Tran · May 26, 09:00 pm · #permalink


The fact that you correlated Biggie to Jon + Kate is phenomenal.

But, yeah after watching the show on Monday they are doomed and it’s a bit depressing. There is some crazy hatred and resentment brewing in Jon towards Kate and vice versa.

I know divorce is fairly common place nowadays and it seems like people do their best to make it happen, but what do you do with eight kids? It’s not like Jon can move to some shady apartment on the east side of the city and have the kids over for a weekend?

The oddest thing about it all is that they seem to still be going through the fifth season, even with the demise of the relationship looming? This kinda of alters the dynamics of the show. Well replace kinda with dramatically.

It really isn’t the up beat brain dump that it was before. Yikes.

cto · May 26, 09:29 pm · #permalink

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