Random Thoughts For Loving Friction Friday May 22, 2009

I was going to I’m going to spin this Random Thoughts to address something profound … but I’ve decided to scrap that. Instead, I want to talk about Asher Roth’s track I Love College.

Yes, I’ve made it clear that I despise this song.

I get the irony of singing (or is it mumbling) about the frat boy life style over Weezer’s ode to an alcholic father, but the fact of the matter is the song is just rubbish.

But thanks to the HoodInternet and their mash-up of I Love College with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, I think the bad conotation that’s been plaguing the orginial version is gone. Good lord, I’m actually warming up to the song. The increased tempo really changes it from a booring lull to a somewhat funny anthem …

Damnit! You’ve won this round Hood Internet.

First – I tend to get a glazed over looks whenever I bring up this potentially awesome movie at home, but The Road is garnishing some major buzz and sounds like a stunning Epic!

Second – Well lookie here, my urban studies is showing – The Vancouver Sun looks at Calgary vs. Vancouver – why these two cities are so different.

Third – Cool news, Twitter & Threadless Team up to Take over the world with Threadless Tweet T-Shirts (& excessive ‘T’ alliteration).

Fourth – The commentary banter on Spincity.org’s Radiohead Sucks post is what truly makes the internetz awesome.

FifthSouth Carolina’s Attorney General is threating Craigslist to either shape up or ship out, which in turn is prompting users to debate does anyone really care about S. Carolina?.

Sixth – If there are any generous millionaires out there, with a 400 dollars to passout, I’d really, really like this classic Polaroid Camera. (To be honest though, a fish eye camera would also do at this point in time.)

Seventh – Speaking of Polaroids. Here’s more from the great Polaroid Experiment of 2009…

Eighth – The article Drones at the Karaoke Lounge of Design is a great read from Eric Karjaluoto. Who is slowly becoming one of my favorite Design bloggers in the world … Well, that is he’s shot up to the top of my list for the past three days that I’ve been reading his work.

And here’s the big problem. Demand for design is a little like demand for web services: all of us want to use Facebook and Twitter, but few of us are ready to pay for them. Similarly, many businesses want design, but are unwilling to invest in it. As such, we find around us a great deal of low-cost “style” that often isn’t very effective design.

Ninth – This comes via Kottke.org which comes via HicksDesign , but it’s a list of covers from the collection of Penguin Sci-Fi Novels.

Tenth – From Superherohype.com a candid interview with Sam Raimi (of Evil Dead & Spiderman fame) who talks about signing on for Spidey 4 and the lessons from the Spiderman 3 fiasco.

Eleventh – From the eBoy Web Site – This little pixel illustration is is something that only two people, who frequent this site, will be able to recall.

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Ha ha, that’s brilliant! I’d completely forgotten about that thing.

Andy · May 25, 07:20 am · #permalink


yeah, it took me a good three to four minutes to figure out that little pixelated blob was from Austin. Makes me wonder if we were standing beside the eBoyz guys while that little salamander of paper machete snaked on by.

cto · May 26, 09:30 pm · #permalink

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